Friday, June 29, 2012

channel your inner jetsetter: birchbox

Subscription boxes are whats it all about right now and my Birchbox subscription has yet to disappoint. What is Birchbox you ask? Birchbox is a monthly subscription of high-end beauty product samples. For $10 a month you get a box of 4-5 of hand-picked sample products (based on an online questionnaire) shipped to your door, with tips and tutorials of how to use them. It is a fun way to try new products and discover what you love without the commitment of sky-high luxury prices to do so.
This month’s Birchbox theme is Jet Set and came packed full with some great sample size products that will help you channel your inner jetsetter. So far the winner of my jet setting heart in this box is an amazing soon to be carry-on staple: an ultra-flattering stain for both cheeks and lips. Check out the other awesome itty bitty beauties this months box included.

{Channel your inner Jetsetter}
BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages by Cynthia Rowley Bundle - papercut? scrape? no problem!! These Band-aids make any paper cut look chic  “I am stuck on band-aid brand, ’cause band-aid’s stuck on me”
Scalisi Skincare Anti-Aging Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 - This says it’s clinical results showed a 45% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles in 8 weeks. I’ll take it and its clean scent.
theBalm® cosmetics Stainiac in Beauty Queen - sheer and pretty color. LOVE it as a lip stain!
John Varvatos Star U.S.A. 1.7 oz - this was my birchbox extra, a little something for that handsome guy in life. 
BORGHESE Botanico Eye Compresses think of this as good as the old cucumber trick Natural anti-inflammatory witch hazel soothes tired eyes and minimizes puffiness, while chamomile extract decreases the appearance of dark circles
Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint  This oil-free moisturizing formula feels positively weightless on but gives you plenty of even coverage. Skin looks soft and dewy and, thanks to SPF 20, you’ll be extra protected from the sun.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

a womans right to TOMS

based on the always rave reviews {thank you friends} coupled with my checklist titled "reasons Jessica 'needs' a pair of TOMS" {see below} i feel i can totally justify my purchase of my very own pair in the near future. {the TOMS one-for-one ploy is NOT included in this list... i dont buy TOMS 'charity' model & my purchase of a pair of TOMS will by no means end any sort of poverty}that being said, i am feeling just about ready to jump on the TOMS bandwagon. after several trips by their store on larchmont as well as always window shopping them up in their latest selections at kitson i am now ready to be a TOMS owner and future long time TOMS lover. in honor of my upcoming favorite holiday, the 4th of JULY, i am planning to purchase a pair of fabulous red TOMS. one drawback i foresee is that im pretty big on my shoes always going with and/or matching my outfit of the day... i guess i just need to resign myself to the uncertainty of this shoe actually matching anything else aside from my 4th of july get up. randomly this purchase to be was inspired by new neon buzz of TOMS currently lighting up the shelves of local boutiques... i however will not be purchasing from this selection... the classic line is more my style. you can check out my "reasons Jessica 'needs' a pair of TOMS" list below as well as a few other potential TOMS purchases in my future! how do you TOMS?!

reasons Jessica 'needs' a pair of TOMS
1.TOMS shoes are practically a spring/summer/fall shoe staple.

2.They look great with jeans, skirts, dresses...yup, pretty much about any item in my wardrobe would look 100x better when accessorized with a pair of TOMS.

3.Comfortable + Fashionable (how often do you find that combination?)

4. All my friends love them. 

5. All the cool kids are wearing them.
{Yellow Stone Wash Twill because the perfectly broken in look of these shoes is familar like an old friend...}

{Toms Ash Canvas Classics because it is a great shade...}
{Fluorescent Pink Palmetto... there is no in future me owning these. sharaing because im an 80's baby}

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Czech it out The Bachelorette

This week on the Bachelorette....
Arie - Race Car Driver
Emilys first date in Prague is with Arie who is witout a doubt a frontrunner. Just minuets into the episode Chris Harrison (host) comes out sounding really fake and a little like a bad after-school special and tells us he wants to take some time to talk about something we may have heard about, or “even read about.” Arie apparently had previously dated one of the producers on the show… then before the next commercial break Chris informs us that Emily, Arie and Cassie sat down together and Arie said it was so long ago he didn’t think of saying anything. For some reason, this conversation wasn’t filmed. Why the hell not? If you ask me this was an attempt to create drama. Meh… you kinda got me. Nonetheless their date continues with no shortage of make out sheshs!

 John- The Wolf
The next date is with John who I just really don’t find cute. I guess he’s probably nice or something, but if that’s the only thing you can say about a guy… well than… you probably don’t find him attractive either. And is it me or has ever episode been filled with some sort of credulous tourist activity...  The first one or two were cute, but come on now! Is Emily really even superstitious? I would have to think so as she does EVERY weird thing every tour guide says will bring you luck or love. This time it’s the lock fence… one word… fail!   

Sean - Yawn as in boring!
John gets home from the date and Sean decides he needs to go find Emily, since he won’t be getting a date. Then it gets a little weird,,, he literally goes outside and starts calling her name and jogging around the streets… but then he finds her- they grab a beer, chat, and its kinda nice. So now Emily has had 2 “secret” extra dates.

Doug {doofy humble Doug}
Best put... It's a little-known tradition that goes down before the Summer Olympics: the Awkward Olympics. It takes place in Prague, and dates back as far as last night.Oh Doug… Humble Doug… I now present you with the Gold Medal for the most awkward kiss EVER! Im not impressed and clearly neither is Emily! I honestly don’t think this “man” could get any more awkward!  I must say… his name suits him quite well. Ah Doug… I don’t know what to tell you buddy… good luck... I guess... cause you’re probably going to need it… that and See YA!  

Chris {he is the youngest but my gosh!}
Chris starts out his date with Emily by him telling her he’s mad he didn’t get a one on one, but he’s not going to dwell on it. Only that is exactly what he’s doing. Throughout the entire episode Chris bitches and moans, every time we flash back to the guys, we see him being  whiney and was seriously annoying. He has a bad attitude about everything! Hes really a freaking brat! Why cant he just enjoy the time he gets with her and stop thinking he deserve every one on one date. He thinks he’s good for her….but why? Articulate THAT, instead of being a crybaby… crybaby!

Jef with one f…
Emily and Jef’s date started out with the two of them buying mini puppet versions of themselves and toting them around the city. They later have a little puppet show re-enacting their journey thus far. At first it seemed a bit cheesy and probably sounds really dumb, but it was actually pretty cute and made me laugh. Jef is pretty hilarious and sweet and to me that equals awesome, im starting to like him for Emily… based on the bigger picture I would totally pick him waaaaaay over Arie, but I’m not sure what Emily will do.

Rose Ceremony
With dearly departed Doug and John... The Rose Ceremony was a simple matter. Even with Chris’s whining, he was a more appealing choice than John the Wolf… so our final four remain… Chris (yuck), Sean (yawn), Ari (cool), and Jef (hes really kinda growing on me).
Next week’s teaser was really not a teaser at all… it was rather vague and elusive. Emily doesn’t want to get rid of anyone... But she must! Or maybe not… I mean there is really a loose sense of ethics here and Chris did say there’s no rules this season. Maybe she’ll marry them all and we’ll have a “brother-husbands” situation on our hands! Awesome! And then they’ll get their own show on TLC. Perfect

Monday, June 25, 2012

Nyan Cat Wins! Jenna Marbles at UCB

Yes! It was a success! It got real 'sexual' with Jenna Marbles last night at UCB! After procrastinating over purchasing tix all weekend come Sunday when I finally motivated myself to click buy they were sold out. I was pretty bummed, but after a last minute decision to take my chances on the standby list Im so glad i did because we got in! Jenna showed up to UCB and graced the stage dressed as Nycan Cat {if you arent't hip to who/what the heck Nyan Cat is see below...} as per request via one of her twitter followers. She rocked her interview in a bit hosted by dopey duo Gossip experts, and former plus sized models, Brock-Cody Stewart-Thomas and Becky Lake of the #2 entertainment news show in America (#1 in Alaska), Entertainment Hollywood. From bringing you "The Scoop" on Current TVs ifoaMania right to the stage of UCB these 2 dished the Hollywood dirt on the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Lindsay Lohan, Obama and Tisha Campbell as well as delivered a demo re one of the hottest "new" trends in Hollywood... Physics. I mean everyone has a physic in Hollywood right!? So glad I got the chance to see the performance, Jenna Marbles, you rock!

{my new favorite hyper-tanned duo Brock-Cody Stewart Thomas and Becky Lake! just luving the way they spread their special brand of misinformation}  
{how long can you Nyan for... check out Jenna version below}

this gif vid merged with Japanese pop song stars an animated cartoon cat {we love all forms of cats on the internet} with a Pop-Tart for a body, flying through space, and leaving a delicious rainbow trail behind it...annoying? maybe just a little... but its a cat on the internet nonetheless.

{there is even a Nyan cat app! believe it}

{not the best screen grab but Jenna getting sesh-ual in her Nyan cat t! pretty flipping shweet if you ask me!)

Friday, June 22, 2012

The World According to Jenna Marbles at UCB

If you don’t know who Jenna Marbles is, today is the best day of your life. No seriously! I am so amped that my all time favorite silver-unicorn loving, turtle backpack wearing weekly wednesday video posting you-tube sensation of gal is doing a live show at UCB this saturday night! (Alysse wtf?! how do you manage to go out of town the one night this bia is going to take her ex go-go dancing ass on stage and for $5 flipping bucks to make us laugh like we've never laughed before...) 
You see, i could easily ask another friend to attend this venue with me... only this might jeopardize our current friendship... its pretty complicated, as not everyone out there appreciates Jenna's point of view in life as much as Alysse and i do. And thank you Durnhofer for the heads up! Nick, being my former cube mate knows very well what a little JM vid post can do for a girl and he has always endured supported my twisted luv for Jenna Marbles... somehow... just somehow i can totally relate to her foul-mouthed, brutally straightforward comedy sketches. I have included a few below for your viewing pleasure and if by chance you find yourself laughing a little whether you want or are willing to admit it at all and you find yourself slightly entertained feel free to let me know! (and yes, feel free to judge me as well!) Im looking for someone who is willing and able to get down to a bit of Ms Marbles humor to join me at UCB sat night for $5 bucks! you wont regret it! Alysse, im deeply saddened that you are not in town for this epic and historical moment! 
{this is so true!}
{the face... works every time! while i haven't actually used the face yet, i eagerly await the day i get the opp to try}
{see what i mean?? totally relatable} 
{probably an absolute favorite of mine}

Some other Jenna video’s I’d recommend (laughs guaranteed):
What Girls Do When They’re Drunk” 
“What Dogs Do When You’re Not Home” (drink, apparently)
“What Disney Movies Taught Me” (the main goal in life should be “to find a f***ing prince and marry him.  The end.”)
“What Girls/Boys Do in the Bathroom in the Morning” 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

new definition Of summer madness...

Summer is here! Yay! The actual first day of Summer! Its that time of the year where we can finally trade in our warmer attire for swimsuits and beach towels! And while gone are the days where summer simply consisted of kicking around rocks, jumping rope, free swim at the local pool and daily bike ride excursions with cousins and friends, as i get older i can still sincerely appreciate the long days and even longer nights that the summer months bring. When the warm breeze starts to blow the cold weather far away Im reminded of fond summer memories from back in the day. Memories that offer a feeling of easy living and a true sense of freedom from school and work. I honestly look forward to the 4th of July all year and again, it is finally here! Fresh fruit from the farmers market, outdoor entertaining, baseball games, back yard barbecues, beach chairs and fireworks... these are just a few of the things i am currently swooning over as we kick of these next few sunny months! Happy First Day of Summer!
{cant get enough of the freshness of goodies from the farmers market}

{endless opportunities of outdoor entertaining... garden party anyone?!}

{oakland A's Yes please!}

{hats off reppin' the east bay!}

{backyard barbeque's william sonoma style}

{nothing says summer like lounging in beach chair}

{i love the simplicity of this outdoor patriotic decor}

{no 4th of July should be without a bit or sparkler action} 

Now get out there, get your sunscreen on set you iPod to a little DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air's Summer Time and create your ideal Summer Madness!