Wednesday, June 20, 2012

new definition Of summer madness...

Summer is here! Yay! The actual first day of Summer! Its that time of the year where we can finally trade in our warmer attire for swimsuits and beach towels! And while gone are the days where summer simply consisted of kicking around rocks, jumping rope, free swim at the local pool and daily bike ride excursions with cousins and friends, as i get older i can still sincerely appreciate the long days and even longer nights that the summer months bring. When the warm breeze starts to blow the cold weather far away Im reminded of fond summer memories from back in the day. Memories that offer a feeling of easy living and a true sense of freedom from school and work. I honestly look forward to the 4th of July all year and again, it is finally here! Fresh fruit from the farmers market, outdoor entertaining, baseball games, back yard barbecues, beach chairs and fireworks... these are just a few of the things i am currently swooning over as we kick of these next few sunny months! Happy First Day of Summer!
{cant get enough of the freshness of goodies from the farmers market}

{endless opportunities of outdoor entertaining... garden party anyone?!}

{oakland A's Yes please!}

{hats off reppin' the east bay!}

{backyard barbeque's william sonoma style}

{nothing says summer like lounging in beach chair}

{i love the simplicity of this outdoor patriotic decor}

{no 4th of July should be without a bit or sparkler action} 

Now get out there, get your sunscreen on set you iPod to a little DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air's Summer Time and create your ideal Summer Madness!

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