Friday, June 22, 2012

The World According to Jenna Marbles at UCB

If you don’t know who Jenna Marbles is, today is the best day of your life. No seriously! I am so amped that my all time favorite silver-unicorn loving, turtle backpack wearing weekly wednesday video posting you-tube sensation of gal is doing a live show at UCB this saturday night! (Alysse wtf?! how do you manage to go out of town the one night this bia is going to take her ex go-go dancing ass on stage and for $5 flipping bucks to make us laugh like we've never laughed before...) 
You see, i could easily ask another friend to attend this venue with me... only this might jeopardize our current friendship... its pretty complicated, as not everyone out there appreciates Jenna's point of view in life as much as Alysse and i do. And thank you Durnhofer for the heads up! Nick, being my former cube mate knows very well what a little JM vid post can do for a girl and he has always endured supported my twisted luv for Jenna Marbles... somehow... just somehow i can totally relate to her foul-mouthed, brutally straightforward comedy sketches. I have included a few below for your viewing pleasure and if by chance you find yourself laughing a little whether you want or are willing to admit it at all and you find yourself slightly entertained feel free to let me know! (and yes, feel free to judge me as well!) Im looking for someone who is willing and able to get down to a bit of Ms Marbles humor to join me at UCB sat night for $5 bucks! you wont regret it! Alysse, im deeply saddened that you are not in town for this epic and historical moment! 
{this is so true!}
{the face... works every time! while i haven't actually used the face yet, i eagerly await the day i get the opp to try}
{see what i mean?? totally relatable} 
{probably an absolute favorite of mine}

Some other Jenna video’s I’d recommend (laughs guaranteed):
What Girls Do When They’re Drunk” 
“What Dogs Do When You’re Not Home” (drink, apparently)
“What Disney Movies Taught Me” (the main goal in life should be “to find a f***ing prince and marry him.  The end.”)
“What Girls/Boys Do in the Bathroom in the Morning” 

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