Friday, April 24, 2015

10 Teeny Tiny Things You Never Knew Existed

Teeny tiny versions of everyday real life objects or even scenarios is not a new trend of the scene. Most of us have owned a doll house, a barbie dream house or a micro machine or two in our lives. However, recently I have seem to come across somewhat a new phenomenon (well new to me at least) and its the video version of these teeny tiny things, and even more specifically teeny tiny animals in teeny tiny settings! There is just something about seeing these teeny tiny things in action of even just on display that keeps me coming back for more as I seem to be pleasantly surprised by the level of detail put into something... well... which seems so useless. I have come to a personal conclusion that there is literally a teeny tiny version of just about literally anything you can think of! Tiny jewelry, check! Tiny functioning cannon, yup its been done! Tiny lasagna, its been made! Go ahead try it! And if you find something that hasn't been made... there is someone out there who could surely make it! The following is what I like to call my miniature menagerie, a round of my top 10 favorite teeny tiny things. 

Teeny Tiny Pringles - Guaranteed less the calories of reg size Pringles!

Honestly HelloDenizen does it best! These hamster are living the life! Between the cuteness overload and creative genius I would love to see more of this on Instagram!

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