Friday, May 1, 2015

The Secret to Setting Goals

Its May already and it seems like yesterday I sat down to set intentions for my April goals... So I guess its time to see how I did... 

Recap of April's Goals 
1: Finish & Read – I have been slowly dabbling in what I will call a financial encouragement book which I plan to finish in the next week (by 1/7) And start and finish the book currently on my night stand.
I made it through The Automatic Millionaire and I have will have a blog post up with some insight, so stay tuned there. I didn't quite make it through the next book, but you can check out my currently reading in the side bar. I am about 1/4 through (yes, I know not very far) 

2: Journal/Blog - With the recent effort to get blog on track (ha! get it, blog on track), I plan to start off with a post a week and see where I can take my efforts from there... 
A success! I am excited to say. While I really do blog for myself and my less than 10 followers... I have managed to deliver here and I plan to continue.   

3: Do What You Love - And I love DIY! I plan to add one DIY project to my repertoire this month and whatever that may be, I plan to share it with you! 
I did complete a DIY this month however it is a DIY for a dear friend who's baby shower is at the tail end of the month so in an effort to keep the to be gift a secret I will need to share at a later date. 

4: Run - Run more, fun faster and run longer! I am going to start with the run more and commit to running between 15-20 miles from Mon-Fri.    
Week 1 I ran 17 miles 
Week 2 I ran 19
Week 3 I got sick... I managed to back about 6 miles total 
Week 4 I got busy... will keep this on my list!

In recapping this months progress, I have to say not bad. Everyone knows the secret to goal setting is set SMART goals. SMART meaning S- Specific M- Measurable A- Attainable R- Relevant T- Time Based. And it you didn't know, now you know! If you can SMART goals I am confident you can achieve them. I will take the weekend to evaluate what is ahead of me this month and will be back with my smart goal for the the month of May on Monday!   

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