Friday, April 17, 2015

Going No-Chella: 5 Things to Do in L.A. This Weekend

Come for Coachella, but party at #Nochella, now that's something I can get down with! While the line up is enticing and the fashion scene is hot, I am in no way in the fast lane on a trip to Coachella. NoChella on the other hand, count me in! Better yet, NoChella here in L.A. and can I just say, my commute down Wilshire blvd. last Friday as well as this morning was simply beautiful! Brokechella, ChouchChella or Coachella itslef however you frame it up, here are 5 Things to do this weekend in LA as Cochella whisks away some of the cities finest!

Be a Tourist in Your Own Town
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Santa Monica Pier, Hollywood and Highland, Disneyland heck Sprinkles Cupcakes! LA is your oyster this weekend!

    Take a Hike
LA offers up some prime real-estate to both hike and run. However with the unfortunate downside of a fitness crazed city all locations become overwhelmingly populated during a weekend with good weather. With #NoChella in full effect, why not go for a hike this weekend without the rest of LA. Runyon Canyon, Santa Monica Stairs, Baldwin Hills Scenic Outlook… this is your time! Hike in peace!

   Host Your Own #NoChella Streaming Party
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With weekend 1 in the can, you can optimize your “steaming” efforts to include the bands of your choice. Stock your home bar, create a custom cocktail maybe a Mexican Mule subbing the vodka for Tequila. Tell guests to come dressed in their best festival attire (best dressed… wins!?) And then document it all via social media because if its not on Instagram, Snapp Chat, Twitter of Facebook it didn’t happen right?! And dont forget the hashtag #Nochella2015

   Go to The Grove
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Because retail therapy is never out of the question and The Grove is a great place when you can actually find a parking spot of walk without being pummeled by strollers or the trolley.

   Go For a Drive
Hop in your car and take drive down PCH, up to the Griffith Observatory or even just across town. Drive all those places you have otherwise avoid because with a mass clearing of about 100,000 people (give or take a few) you may actually be able to drive those 7-10 beautiful miles in less than 45 minutes.    

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