Friday, October 5, 2012

Cool "ber" Months: Fall Favorites

I always welcome the cooler temperatures of Fall with open arms and long sleeves! I simply love the warmer colors that also come along with this time of year.  However, I am not terribly enthusiastic about the seemingly shorter days that accompany the end of daylight savings time nor do I enjoy leaving my apartment in the morning while the sun is still resting its head.  Fall outfits are the favorites in my wardrobe. My preferred comfort foods also seem to taste better during the cool "ber" months. The following are top 5 fall favorites!
Fall Running
Fall running is fabulous. The cool weather and crisp air make for great for running conditions. Not to mention breaking out a new pair of running shoes to herald the Fall months!
 Pumpkin Everything (Scented & Flavored Included)
Oh the Pumpkin Spice Latte and pumpkin pie... yum! And if you don't already have your seasonal pumpkin scented candle warming your homes I suggest you get one!  
College Football
8 Count... U * * * C * * * L * * * A* * * UCLA FightFightFight!!!!
 I truly love college football and the Saturdays in Fall all filled with feisty fans and epic tailgates! I love this time of year!
Oversized Sweaters & Long Sleeves
The September issue brings it in and the cold weather keeps it around, I love everything about Fall fashion!
Bangin' Boots
There’s a love in my life that’s lasted for years. This love has seen me through all seasons; kept me warm on chilly nights; flattered me; walked through the hard times with me; and always made me feel happy, comfortable and beautiful. My boots were made for walking!   

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