Thursday, March 22, 2012

who wants to draw something?

Oooo Oooo me me! i do! {said in  an obnoxiously eager voice} 
so just a few days ago I bought an app for my iPhone called Draw Something and it's actually a bit of ridiculous fun. you can invite your friends to join, or you can just hit a button and start a game with a random! i ve been playing for just a short time and i ve come to a few conclusions. My advice? Don't play with random strangers.

Somehow, and I don't even know how this is possible, a lot of people don't get that it's called "Draw Something" and not "Write Something." So listen up random stranger: if the word you are supposed to be drawing is "Sugar" don't draw a five pound bag and then write SUGAR across the front of it, dumb ass. good news is you can resign from playing such games. i would have to say the best part about this game so far is the tap to watch which is the part where you get get to watch the peeps on the other end create their masterpiece... aka witness their do-overs and mistakes, it get pretty funny i must say. now say what you want but im pretty suckie at the game, it doesnt make it any less fun, but im not gonna lie im investing in a pen! i played this random (i know i said no randoms but hey) and this person drew a freakin' bottle of hot sauce with such precision there is nooooo way in heck that was done with their pointer finger. a down side is since downloading this app my fingers have never felt fatter {woof!}  the one thing i would change is the chat function- like in hanging with friends but all good. so you know those hours in my day i gained by giving up the FB... well i lost them again to the good ol Draw Something... yeeesh!

{case and point! look at that chili pepper}
 so i came across this article on Businessinsider and if you appreciate the ridiculousness of this app as much as i do then you will want to check it out. if not then just check out some of the pretty darn awesome Draw Something Picasso's below which were featured in the article. now go draw something already! find me @burgeez yeeeee!
{howz about this for linsanity}

{simple and right on, good draw Johnathan O.}

{said he wanna be, shorties gonna be a thug- just a lil 2 peezy no big deal}

{ive had this word before but mine didnt look nearly as good... im getting better though ha!}

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