Tuesday, March 27, 2012

weekend happenings & such...

oh what a lovely weekend. short yes, but such is customary when your having a good time. this weekends happenings included the following: a nice little friday night ;)  an early AM gym session, a little giddy up in malibu with nothing short of fabulous company, bloody marys and lettuce wraps and Gladstones, some spontaneous beach cartwheels followed by the ever awaited Hunger Games {but more on that at a later time} i have to say i cant complain especially after all the horsing around (thank you Alysse for the inspiration) sunday was a breeze... 
{and so it goes luna, handsome & betty...}
{headed down from inspiration point}
{like i said, cant complain}
{luv these girls!}
{just had to do it... things like this should happen more often!}
{you would be doing cartwheels too if you were me... just saying}
{hunger games dome style}

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