Tuesday, March 20, 2012

what makes my life real simple...

I truly believe that focus is the most important tool we can posses in becoming more effective and while we live in world where more often than not, more is better; at some point we run into limits. Today {just as every day} I was greeted with a pile of magazines and newpapers at my desk. Typically I sift and sort through and then eventually they all end up in recycling by the end of the week, but I decided to actually throughlly read through one this morning... which just so happend to be Real Simple Magazine. Aside from being just more of the same presented in a "new" fashion there was one... yes, one page in particular which struck a chord with me... and I couldnt agree with her more
what makes my life real simple... Photographer Beth Dow expressed her simple life like so:
When I came across this tree at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, my first inclination was to find out why the plastic bags were on the branches. But then I realized that the tree interests me because I dont know how or why it came to be this way. Sometimes not knowing is better than having the answer. In fact, learning to live with mystery has made my life simplier and more relaxed. This photo reminds me that its OK to let go and accept lifes secrets.  
{modest but memorable... Bags photograph by Beth Dow}
In essence, my take away from this image is cultivated by the focus I think we all posess within... to accept change and all that we cannot control, to embrace the unexpected and live with a little mystery can in turn simplfy your life sometimes ... as Dow expresses, sometimes not knowing is better than having the answer and like i said before, i really couldnt agree with this more!
happy tuesday!

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