Monday, March 19, 2012

a little grey goose got these kids feelin' loose...

excuse me while i bust a flo rida...oh oh sometimes i get a good feeling, yea...i get a feeling that i never never never had before, no...i get a good feeling, yea...and wouldn't ya know, that good feeling usually begins somewhere around my second glass of champagne maybe some grey goose, green beer, followed by some tequila mixed with some good friends a whole lotta nonsense. while we didn't quite make it to the beach this weekend overall was pretty damn interesting, to say the least, always a good time! what can i say; alcohol makes me happy yeeee! {sorry mom- not to worry, promise} some highlights of the weekend include my very first lakers game (still not a fan!) a bottle of champagne for my intoxicating pleasure, some more jenga and more champagne! sunday started off a little rough, but that was expected... made it to a very much needed lunch to catch up with one of besties {love you Heather Brown} and then a much needed early lights out! now tick' toc tick' toc please hurry 6:00!
{LakeSho! Damn i luv these ladies}
{now thats how you play JENGA- and look Joe you made the blog!}
{this sh*t cray i love these two and so should you... just sayin'}
{there's a party at the bar, everybody put your glasses up and i drink to that}
{get em' drunk and we'll see... and D is what we got}
{oh flo, where art thou...}
{for every girl like me...and her... oh yeah and justin!}
                  {ugh...can someone please wipe that silly drunk look off my face? cheese much}
{i feel sorry for people who aren't fortunate like me to have peeps like all of those pictured above in their life...they're truly missing out because my friends are kinda awesome}
{obvi booze {beer's flowing like a rap superstar around here}
{Teach me how to dougie dirty bergz teaach me how to dougie dirty bergz
All my bitches love my All my, all my bitches love me You ain't fuckin wid my dougie dirty bergz}

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