Friday, March 16, 2012

oh hello weekend

my multicultural cocktail of choice for sat, the skinny girl clover margarita...
All I can say about this baby is bomb!!!
a drunken holiday weekend at that. yesss!!! {not to worry mom I promise to be responsible, just like i promised you a swear-word-free post} can you tell i’m ready for the weekend or what. what im not so excited about is mother nature raining on my freakin' parade {i feel like i intuitively knew this would happen after the server headache I woke up with last sunday} nonetheless guess who’s ready to be irish for the day? meeee!!! as of now, i have no idea what i'm doing for the irish occasion but since it's finally on a weekend i know i have to do something. ANYTHING!!!   and i might even have an obnoxiously green outfit laid out on my bed ready to go right along with my green rain boots. what can i say, it’s been a hectic week and a green beer shot of tequila BADLY. if you're not excited about the green beer get down like myself, i have included a few fancy cocktails from across the globe which are most likely to spur that booze induced spontaneous leprechaun sighting this March 17th!!! Oh yeah and a pic of my pretty green boots! Happy Saint Patricks Weekend!
1.) The Crooked Golf Swing
this one is worth a swing oops i mean swing or two...
2.)The Emerald Isle
This minty fresh green cocktail is sure to be the fourth leaf on your clover
3.) Green Apple Martini
what can i say about this little pretty... it taste just like candy
4.) Kiwi Mojito
what mojito isnt nomm nomm yummy

this next one isnt a cocktail, but are the color green indeed!

5.) Behold! My Green Rain Boots! 
all my friends can thank trusty ol' mother nature for bringing these puppies into the rotation!

In the words of RiRi
Cheers to tha' freakin' weekend!  

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