Thursday, March 15, 2012

coming straight at cha' ... straight from my cube

the king of good ol' randomness... i truly hope you know who this is   
today has been a fucking hell ofa' Thursday... im going to ask myself just one more time... is it friday yet? this is honestly the first real breather i have been able to take so i figured what better to do than blog before my head is back in total chaos and ready to spin off again. i wont bore you with all the ridiculous shit that has gone done in my life today, but instead will enlighten you with all the ridiculous shit that goes down inside this big old head of mine {i dont actually have a big head... at least ive never been told so ... but it feels kinda off calling it little b/c then that insinuates my brain is little and who would want to insult themselves like that... right? certainly not me} anyramblingburgezz What the world needs now is whole lotta randomness! for those of me who know me know that im tha illest at bringing the big ones from the random bag so here goes yeeeeeee! a little bit of random bizzz to check out for a quick minute from my ridiculously kur-azy thursday:
1.)i like to kick, stretch, aaaaannddd KICK… 
y'all know sally o'mally right...  the reoccurring SNL character played by molly shannon. well i think we all can learn a little somethingsomething from this laaady. at age 50, sally o’malley strongly believed herself to be extraordinarily youthful and would attempt to demonstrate this through a series of kicks, stretches and more kicks. in doing so, she would sport a massive bouffant, red stretch pants and a severe camel toe. what i admired most about sally was how much she loved (okay maybe "obsessed about" is a better phrase) being her age. while i'm obviously not the big 5-0 just yet, i can proudly say that at age 28, i'm happy, proud and loving it. i figure, what’s the point of being all debbie downer when you can sally o’malley your way through life. and when i say “sally o’malley” i mean kick, stretch, aaaaannddd KICK…iiii’m thirty!
2.) is it me or has jessica simpson been pregnant for like 13 months 
Jessica Simpson is still pregnant... just in case you didnt know. i mean i love the girl but DAMN! who told her  it was ok to wear this get up. correct me if im wrong but i thought she was a co host on fashion star's... and really, i hope you caught here on conan.... im all about the ability to laugh at yourself but come on JS self given nick name swamp ass... way to keep it classy! but i guess we all realized you were a class act around the chicken of sea time! love ya gurl but have that baby already! and on another pregnancy tip this star also had a 13 month pregnancy- 
3.) Mariah Carey was also pregnant for 13 months but isnt any more she had those babies already!

ok i m done with my few random thoughts... and btw thats hunter s. thompson re the kick off image up top! 
Happy Freaking Thursday  

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