Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tablescape Kind of Girl

 I have an obsession confession to make... I totally swoon over lovely little pretty things placed on tables! Arranging a pretty tablescape or vignette is quite simple and is very aesthetically appealing for the home. I often find myself hunting around for beautiful books or picking up fresh flowers arranged in vintage vases to throw into the mix. There are so many ways you can bring simple elements together to make one beautiful tablescape. From grouping flowers and frames to vintage tea cup saucers book and or trinket boxes the combinations are endless. You can even create seasonal vignettes which will transform the vibe of room. Without a doubt, your coffee table is just as important as any other part of the room as far as decorating... I mean it is often times the center of a living space and a perfectly crafted vignette adds a little flair of personality and visual interest to a home. The beauty of arranging a vignette is that it's unique to you and whatever it is you are in the mood to express. I'm due for some tabletop upgrades around my apartment and here are some inspiring arrangements to get me moving!
elements include the following: 1. reading material 2. floral arrangement 3. various silver saucers... i would add a candle, but that's just me  
Love the beachy cottage feel of this vignette
delightful entry way console vignette
 pretty pari
This one is sooo me! I m feeling the goldy love that addition
 delightful pop of green!

 Vintage matches add the perfect flair I am a big fan of this little style element
 You can style one in you bathroom... toilet-scape anyone?!
I could go on all day sharing inspiring pics of pretty perfectly styled vignettes, but for more check out my board on pinterest! Tablescape Kinda Gal

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