Thursday, January 26, 2012

Confetti & Champagne Showers; Normal Wednesday Night...

Ok, so the night went a little like this...
We were seriously greeted by masses outside of Supper Club last night and Im  just going to assume that all these peeps were out in full affect and just as ready as Alysse and I were to endure the sounds of  our fav DJ duo, EC Twins {considering that it was a wed night and all} Oh, and in case you were a little slow on the uptake and couldn't tell they were twins by the name I thought I would just clairfy… why yes, yes they are & identical for that matter. After not waiting in line {aka totally bypassing the masses} we hit up the front bar for a quick vodka soda, made the rounds, checked the scene-whatever you want to call it and then impatiently patiently awaited the birthdays boys to hit the decks and that they did! Right at midnight, the spinning brothers stepped out and their energy was as undeniable as ever making it next to impossible for Alysse and I not to absolutely Destroy the dance floor. The Twins spun with such conviction throughout their set; while we jumped screamed clapped and fist-pumped {yes, I said fist-pumped} our way through the night and waaay harder, Im talking way sweatier harder than anyone else in the club. From amidst a sea of confetti and a champagne shower, EC Twins I thank you slash WE {as in Alysse and I} thank you for never failing to deliver and Eye Candy {EC} you 2 are indeed! {insert hands making the shape of a heart here}
{right before shi*t got wild!}
1. Someone Like You - Adele
2.  Little White Dove - Dirty Vegas, Remy Le Duc
3. All Here Now- David Garcia, High Spies , Sarah Tancer
4. Champagne Showers - LMFAO 
7. Trouble- Remy Le Duc ft Skakeh 
{in case you were wondering yes, it was this great!}

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