Monday, January 16, 2012

Birthday Girl. You Say its your Birthday. Happy Birthday Alysse

If it was possible to play the Deadmau5 remix of Medina's You & I while you read this it would totally give you the get up and dance vibe this song exudes which just so happens to near the top of our play list for life {instead you can simply scroll down click play and then resume reading} 
I am so lucky to have this girl in my life! I will never forget the day she called me to chat about post grad opportunities and I was so excited when she decide to {in the words of biggie} come back-back to cali-cali! I cant wait to really celebrate her {once her show is over Tues, but story of your life right} In the meantime I would like to share some moments in no particular order which truly make me thankful to have this lovely lady {yes, you Alysse} in my life Happy Freakin Bday Hommie:
The Jam Yo! DP (after all its where we met J). Pow wow’s. So much the same. Risks. GAP. Pool chillin w/ Taz & Z. Burgz (best nck name) Breakfast Burritos not for breakfast. Good Eggs (really good eggs & the 101). loyal. secret keeper. Trader Joes snacky. Snap peas. Trust. Hemmingway’s. Flea market finds & finding a way to make it work. CafĂ© 101 (I had to say it again). EC Twins. Rocking the f*$# out to EC twins. Big Wangs. Johnny D. Graham Cracker (& all our other A&J speak type nick names) Going out on school nights. Watch the Throne. Sametime all day no matter the mood. Inters. Instagrams. Padmapping. Cat pics. Deadmau5 Media You & I our soundtrack. Jezebel. The Frisky. Taxis to each other. You tube we tube video of the week. Kermine worm and marbles. White girls in the club. 2 Broke girls. Vanna Rupprecht. Apple Dumpling. Champagne and Stella. Shop. Exiting the limbo lounge and supporting each other each step of the way.
{its my birthday and i'll do what i want!}
I feel like I’m on a high
A new beginning that is my life
I’m turning to the rhythm of the night
I am We are alright!

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