Thursday, November 29, 2012

Life is short make it pretty...

It seems as if the holidays are all about time... or lack therof if you know what I mean and I really dislike the overwhelmed feeling of last-minute gifts {which are sometime totally unavoidable} And while you could just totally head over to and hire yourself some additional hoiliday help for $25 per hour, you might as well spend that dough and pick up one of these personalized tchotchkes! Im a big fan of gift giving that shows you gave a little thought and custom monogram notebooks prove you were planning ahead. Only thing is Im going to have pick one up for myslef too, I believe that would be called a me-gift.
me-gift/ verb: to buy two of the same present- one for her and one for me
 Example: Its bad enough Alysse and I are wearing the same sweater tonight, but its even more awkward because I me-gifted mine when I bought it for her!
Good news is, May Designs offers up a great selection of these customized notes and notebooks and you can create your very own right down to the letter/s printed on them, not to mention for such a reasonable price and the production is a cinch; easy as one, two, three, four :)
Step one: Choose your pattern from their amazing selection of swatches
Step two: Add a monogram or a name
Step three: Choose your Inside Pages. Agendas, Dots, Lines, etc.
Step four: Preview & Checkout. and Voila! 
You are all finished and you can cross one or maybe even two more people off your hoiliday list of to-buy-fors. Check out their gallery for a little may designs inspiration! Happy shopping!

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