Tuesday, August 7, 2012

SweatShoppe: Shut Up and Ride

I have been a devoted indoor cyclist for about 10 years now (minus a brief lapse in working out somewhere in between this time) cycyling is a part of my life I thoroughly embrace with full passion and love…  and while cycling classes in general have been popular for about two decades, new variations on Spinning workouts are only getting Hotter so to speak... Speaking of getting Hotter, recently I had the pleasure of riding at the Sweat Shoppe in North Hollywood, a hip boutique fitness studio which offers a fun new heat wave to an indoor cycling workout!
Although I am no stranger to indoor cycling (yes, you could call it an obsession, but a good one nonetheless) I was a bit nervous about riding in a heated room… Sweat Shoppe offers two types of classes at their studio which are differentiated by room temp. I chose to ride with Irina (a fellow spinner at my regular cycling class whose form is impeccable by the way)  during their signature SweatCycle class. The Sweat Cycle class is one where the room temperature was set to about 80°F.

As I entered the studio, the room was hot and dark with the exception of a few candles lit near the instructors podium, the hint of the black lights beaming from above and the Sweat Shoppe logo dimly but perfectly illuminated against the back wall. I sensed the regulars viewed the ride ahead of them as more than just a way to sweat as everyone entering the classroom was clearly jazzed up about what was in store… that’s when my nervous energy lifted and the excitement took over.

I set up my bike, clipped in my shoes, positioned my towel and water, slipped my hips way back in the saddle, relaxed my shoulders and tightened my abs… and was ready to ride!
I was on a serious mission to murder some calories and that is just what I did, I was offically Sweat Gangsta! The music and occasional LED light spray was motivating, the coaching was effective and the ride was challenging! Cycling in a heated room is more than conducive to sweating as it assists in detoxing and burning fat as well! I highly recommend Sweat Shoppe and I wish there were more locations just like it! Your first class is FREE, cyclying shoes are a must and I would suggest a post-workout change of clothes.

I give indoor cycling a lot of credit for helping change my life… it is truly a LIFESTYLE and the amazing thing about riding is that I feel like I always have something new to learn, be it a different part of my body to engage or maybe relax or perfecting my form and taking my ride to the next level there is always room to get stronger which means the challenge is always there as long as you are willing to accept it. Stay tuned for a later post about where the HEART of my indoor cycling is rooted…  peace, love, & sweat!

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