Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Excuses are like assholes...

Excuses are like assholes. Everyone has one knows one & they all stink. I have definitely been called the queen of excuses {in my past}… as a matter of fact,  a friend of mine even told me once that I  inspired him with my no fail excuse ability. I inspired him so much so that he wants to write/publish a book now with the working title “Ive Got an Excuse for That”  I have undoubtedly changed my ways over the past year or so which I believe has put me more in tune with being able smell someone else’s stinky excuses when I hear one… if that even makes any sense at all… (either way you get my drift) In light of summer and the need to keep up the No Excuses state of mind I would like to give some of your most abused excuses a little Reality Check!  Here are some I hear all the time:

Excuse: I work 9-5. I am exhausted.
Reality Check: first of all I like to call those bankers hours and secondly we all work. Everyone is tired from work. Take an hour & force yourself to sweat.

Excuse: way too hungover.
Reality Check: if you want to be a man at night, you gotta be a man in the morning. We’ve all been there Besides sweating helps rid that hangover. You’re moving your bod rather than laying in bed like a beached whale all day.

Excuse: I can’t afford a gym membership.
Reality Check: fine. Then get to a beach with a friend & download some Internet workouts. Go running. Problem solved!

Excuse: I’m so sore from yesterday’s workout, so I’ll wait a few days to go back to the gym.
Reality Check: WRONG. Cardio actually breaks up the lactic acid, which takes away that soreness.

Excuse: I don’t work out on weekends.
Reality Check: why? Pick a Saturday or a Sunday to add to your routine. I’ve never heard anyone say after their workout say that they regretted it weekends regardless.

Excuse: I am naturally thin; I don’t need to workout.
Reality Check: working out helps with depression, anxiety, & prevents heart disease. So that’s fantastic that you’re naturally thin, however that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t workout.

Excuse: I am too busy taking care of the kids.
Reality Check: the kids will probably want you around for a long time, so keep your body in shape. You want to fill your car with the best gas, so fuel your body with the best of the best too.

Excuse: I’ll do it tomorrow.
Reality Check: ya, ya, ya. Just do it today.
so moral of the story is... Stop. Making. Excuses. Eventually your fitness routine will turn into a habit- solve your own problem and NO MORE EXCUSES!

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