Thursday, April 5, 2012

You want me to do what... with what?!

What can I say Im a bit of a sucker when it comes to as seen on TV products. I cannot lie, I own the shake weight… ok I own 2 shake weights, 1 which is the shake weight pro. There is just something about television advertising that suddenly adds a sense of credibility to what would probably be otherwise considered, well…  stupid stuff?
                                        Im all about microwave cooking but really... come on!

This doesn’t mean i dial in to every doo-dad I see advertised on tv, I mean, who in the heck would want things like the Tool-Bandit or the Bacon Wave… these are particularly silly if you ask me.
this is pure comedy
But on a little bit of a different end of the as-seen-on-tv spectrum {which if you were wondering, is a spectrum  created by your own personal standards} is what seems to be a handy dandy foot device, strikingly similar to those rubberized flip flops you get in jail... Although this foot device features some fine tuning so you never again have to … gasp … wait for it… bend down to wash your feet again. to think...  
If you bought this, please be advised that I now will continue to think less of you, but I will also respect you for thinking you are strong enough to battle the nasty things that live within your foot washer.
When I first saw this so called “gadget” easy and wonderful were not words that came to my minds. What I saw was a giant petri dish of nasty things, with a kick of dead skin from the "handy" pumice stone that comes built in. Not to mention, there is no way to rinse this thing out as a series of suction cups line the bottom of the jail-like slipper to adhere it firmly to your tub .  It is like using a dirty wet washcloth over and over. And to think that there are probably people out there who have proudly purchased this “foot washer” when the best intentions of dirty feet no more that share a shower and now probably share this cleaner {whether they are aware they are sharing it or not.} ick!

If you own one do yourself a favor and throw this piece of shiat away. Your impending athletes foot will thank me.

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  1. hmm.. I was thinking about getting Easy Feet for an elder who easily falls in the shower when reaching for his feet. I considered the nest of germs/ skin cells/sock lint / mildew. I think one could pour significant amounts of bleach on it & rinse w/ shower hose. Haven't come up w/ a better idea.