Monday, March 12, 2012

Everyday Im Guzzlin'- 8-a-day!

8 a day right… that’s what they say isn’t it… well easier said then done. 8-a-day on the Coffee front, sure no problem (kidding-kidding, well kinda)  I don’t hate water, but I wouldn’t say its my drink of choice either. I mean, I don’t care much for rain, and I have seen better days with the amount of swimming I get in and showering I often consider a massive nuisance—your hair gets all wet and you have to waste a bunch of time making it presentable again. So drinking water? What for? It tastes like total nothingness, and I sure don't work up much thirst moving a mouse around all day. However, I am all for crossing things off checklists and this absolutely cutsie water intake form is going to provide me the perfect incentive I need to up my daily water consumption. Here I go, Every Day I’m guzzling!  

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