Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Time to dial it back…

Ironically enough I’m getting one last post in before I throw in the towel. I am not Catholic or Christian and nor am I  a particularly religious person, I mean clearly as I'm about to be a week late to the game in giving up something for Lent. I’m moving beyond giving up the likes of chocolate, potato chips, coffee, or even alcohol and have decided to give up an even greater fundamental, Facebook! I can't say I’m a “heavy user” or anything and I most like-ly (ha get it) won't suffer any form of withdraw symptoms, however, I do predict I will be rather happy to shake things up a bit and stop pretending that Facebook is just something I partake in to keep in touch with those who I don’t see or interact with on a daily basis. Unfortunately it has become a default behavior and by embarking on this little social networking fast I will probably find that I have few extra minuets in the day I could have otherwise spent doing something a little more worthy of my time.  I have given up diet coke in the past. I mean I like it… (sometimes a 12-pack-a-week type of like it) but I can go without it and I can go without Facebook too. There are many other things I have given up in my life or moved on from which have proved to be much more liberating than a mere Facebook sabbatical, but for now, giving up Facebook for Lent makes perfect sense to me. So later today I'm checking out {of the Facebook community that is} and while others have given up that certain something for Lent in a sort of spiritual preparation for Easter, my motives for this sacrifice aren’t, for the most part spiritual, but are in line with my less is more mentality. So for the next, oh... I'm not even sure really how many days, I will have 1 less distraction in my life! See you after Easter Facebook {hopefully no sooner! Ha!}

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