Wednesday, February 15, 2012

my favorite Whitney moment...

This week, Whitney Houston's death is the cover story for three out of five magazines, with Kim K and Brangelina dominating the other two and its only in the unfortunate wake of her tragic death that I am reminded just how large a part her music played in my childhood. And while most of these memories are mine for the keeping, my favorite Whitney moment includes the following: A best friend, a cassette tape, an elementary school talent show and Houston's song Greatest Love of All {which by the way I still remember everyone single word to} And in case you were wondering, no, I did not sing, a good friend of mine at the time did, but later, that very same show, her and I both danced up a little storm to MC Hammers Too Legit to Quit. Sadly, I don't remember the moves to our self choreographed dance {side note, all of our moves were ripped straight from late night MTV music videos we watched while slumber partying at her house} but sometimes i wish i did {see below for videos} From the notes of Whitney's I'm Every Woman to the raw, unwavering talent she expresses through countless performances of I Will Always Love You,  hers was truly a voice you only hear once in a lifetime and I will always remember Whitney as she was...   
{Alma, this is a memory I will forever cherish}
{I'm not going to lie, 20 plus years later I can, from time to time still be found dancing around my room to this song}
{while I can be found dancing around to the song above (as in how will i know) I can NOT be found dancing to this one, although i wish there was video footage of our Garfield Elementary School breakout performance circa 1991}

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