Thursday, December 1, 2011

Paws on Paws on Pawsss Fur-Real

Let the fur fly ladies... off the shelves that it! Just when I had saved enough pennies from past rainy days to head out to the West Hollywood boutiques, and get my paws on some paws, the city has officially passed a new city ordinance forcing retailers to pull fur from their stores by September 2013. West Hollywood is the 1st city officially ban fur sales, but it probably will not be the last. Fashion Indie put it best! Sure, banning fur seems like the “humane” thing to do, but the city council is overlooking the true victims of this ban: the drag queens of West Hollywood. Are they really going to force those trannies to schlep across city lines just for a fur chubby and matching muff? Won’t someone think of the queens?!
{the purrrr-fect picture that comes to mind w/ animal right activist}
{only here...}
{fur-real! damn}
{really?? thought this was pretty clev though}
{ok now this is pretty bad, this isn't where i want my new 'mink' to come from!}
{Economic impact of WeHo's fur ban: Pshaw!}

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