Friday, September 9, 2011

oh Ali, whats wrong with your face, you never smile anymore...

being a Lohan means: life decisions = questionable...
but you make me want to wipe that "face" off your face gurl!
its no secret that im guilty of using tabloid goop to help pass a little time, on occasion... and im sure you’ve seen the icky before and afters that have recently surfaced of the littlest of the lohans,  Aliana "Ali" Lohan. all i can is one thing and that’s eeeek! yesterday while i waited patiently for little Ali's fudged up face to appear on the trusty Dlisted, i didn’t have to wait too long! check it out here:  ali lohan all natural if you are ever in need of quick chuckle, i highly recommend hitting up this site! I will let you all be the judge... is this the face that Ali just happened to grow into? Or is it one of the following Dlisted specials:
a. Ali got the Michael Jackson special by her family plastic surgeon who shares an office with her family pharmacist in a mini-mall office next to a 7-Eleven in The Valley.
b.White Oprah is trying to get Ali in the next cast of Celebrity Rehab.
c. she simply just shed her old freckled human shell and she's been a reptialien poorly modeled after Sophia Lamar the whole time...

any-bad-placticsurgery lets take a look at some other obvi repeat offenders who will simply crack your shit up and possibly make you avoid plastic surgery all together!
happy friday!  
{i dont know about you, but i would never opt to look like i am permanently smelling fart... ick}
{shhhhh... whats that i hear.... I think I can hear Lil Kim actually puring}
{the ghost of Lindsay Lohans future... aka courtney love}
{the real Situation minus the T in GTL}
{Can you say Duckface-Wasted!}
{Sammy Sosa took a page out of Michael Jackson's Guide to Beauty}
And i leave you with the lovely Lohan elder LiLo...
{i wanna be wanna be like LiLo- Ali once said}

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  1. I think everyone should wear alittle make up!