Tuesday, September 13, 2011

happy birthday heather c.

I truly wish I there to celebrate your day Heath… but either way, I wanted to share just a few of the things that bring a tear to my and a smile to my face when I think of all the times we’ve had together over the years… Miss you love you
Really knowing what BFF feels like.Clueless.The clothes we used to wear.blossom hat.
B Team basketball.Chipman Cougars.Ravens Revenge.School night slumber parties.3 way phone calls & *69.Reversible Nike jerseys.Boy and Girls Club. Camping w/ Bravo.Brandi singing karaoke to Brandy.Bean Dip.Matching Disney Land jackets.Alameda public transportation.Being left behind by Alameda public transportation. Professional Party Planners.City Nights {$#ity Nights}.School nights at La P.Tequila shots at La P.Being silly {really silly} in the city.July 4th.Nordi Rack.Charlotte & Samantha. Bridesmaids.Back yard parties.Growing up together into ADULTS. Having a friend for life.

Happy Birthday to one of the most wonderful people I know and to someone that I am blessed to have in my life… Love you lots Heather!

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