Friday, September 23, 2011

28 years of fabulousness

"i wondered what was the allure of the 20's? on one hand, there's great skin tone, the thrill of fresh experience and the sense of a consequence-free life full of seemingly endless possibilities. while on the other, there are horrible apartments, sexually inexperienced men and embarrassing errors in fashion judgment*."
     ~carrie bradshaw, sex and the city
{back in the day when i was young im not a kid anymore but somedays i sit and wish i was a kid again...}
ok so 28 years of fabulousness isn’t quite 30 yet but 28 sure is gaining on its tail and makes me realize how quickly we are moving into those years of our lifes! i couldn't start the weekend off without wishing one of best friends, farnoush, a very happy 28th birthday {well its Sunday but lets get your birthday weekend started off right!}! farnoush you are truly like a sister to me and i am so fortunate to have you in my life. i once heard somewhere giving someone a nickname is the truest form of endearment... Noush, Anutie Nu-Nu, Farnie, honestly the list goes on on and these are just a few of the nick names from some of the peeps in this lovely ladies life! having her in my life over the past 15 or so years is something I wouldn’t trade for the world. she is a caring, loving, intelligent, opinionated, feisty human being who i love and admire with all my heart. we share a similarity in our life’s that i cherish day in and day out and there isn’t a single girl that i can imagine spending the remainder of my twenty something years being besties with. farnoush... i know i can always count on you to tell me truth no matter how much I don’t want to hear it but know that you are saying it while still being in my corner. from alameda alligators swim practice to morning ride share to taqueria burritos, college road trips, santa barbara slumber parties, westside TQ tears and hugs trust and forgiveness you are all the things a best friend is made of! I love you with all my heart and wish you a fabulous birthday and year to come! Love hugs and kisses thank you for being you...  

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  1. How Lucky sounds like a friendship
    from heaven