Monday, March 21, 2011

open hearts

i think one of the best things about reading blogs are the glimpses we get into the lives of other peeps and while i have yet to open this particular blog up to anyone other than my nearest and dearest i may consider opening that window of a glimpse someday in the near future... until then... i had an ah-mazing weekend spending time with a truly good friend of mine. just as most of the close friends i am lucky enough to have as a part of my life, we have definitely had our share of friendship hiccups in our past, but i must say how thankful i am to have successfully made it through them! which is why there isn't anything more symbolic of our friendship than an open heart and that is now something i share with my dear friend rebecca. thank you for always being you, i had a fabulous weekend and cant wait to see you again soon! lots of love, hugs and but of course open hearts! luv j  


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