Thursday, February 7, 2013

Music Month By Month: January Playlist

Lets start by pressing play above...
Do you ever find yourself stumbling backwards in time after hearing a certain song from your past? Whether that past the song has taken you to is a particular afternoon cira 1999 or maybe even yesterday, there is something so majestic about how music can induce such nostalgic feelings.  It’s as if we have these memories of events just inaudibly napping inside our heads waiting for a certain something  song to wake them up… and sometimes when those memories are awoken from their afternoon nap they come knocking on our doors bearing good feelings, ones worth reminiscing about. This got me thinking about the importance of music in my life… and how listening to a single song can make such a difference in my day. I’m not sure why but every few weeks or so I kinda get stuck on a certain set of songs… Im sure my nearest and dearest can attest to my cd burning obsession in my earlier days… I literally had a mix for everything… even one for cleaning my room {not a joke and I actually still own the majority of these…} This year I have decided to create a playlist a month… not sure that at the end of the year these playlists will be entirely made up of nostalgia inducing songs, but we shall see… Above and below {below complete list} are my songs for the month of January!  Here’s to a playlist a month {both old and new} of my most played –most listened to-and most loved jams... enjoy!
January Playlist