Friday, January 11, 2013

BOOTCAMP: Cant Stop Wont Stop

2013 is here and so is the 28th session of Yardo’s Bootcamp Golds Gym Downtown LA and while I am not one of the relentless few, lucky enough to have been a part of this unique group since day one I am in my second year, which means I have attended 6 consecutive boot camp sessions at 6 weeks a session (w/ a one week break between each). I began during the last weeks of session 20 back in Dec 2011 and am now confident enough to invest some time to share with you our journey through session 28 of bootcamp ! For me, Ive known for a while that there is so much more to boot camp than the kick-A$$ early morning sweat… The camaraderie of bootcamp goes far past the actual 6AM meetup 3 days a week and it certainly starts with having a fearless and devoted leader… Adam/Yardo, please stand up! So for the next 6 weeks I intend to share with all of you our bootcamp journey as we each strive be the ideal walking business card for Adam (quote in quote) kidding but in all fairness we kinda are… right?! Nonetheless I hope our journey motivates, inspires, awwwes, scares and just plain informs those of you who don’t know about Yardo’s Bootcamp a group which is based on commitment, forged by good friendships  and undoubtedly bound in Camaraderie. And with that said...

Week One Day One:
Monday morning typically start out with a weigh in around 6:00 am. This can be a little brutal, especially right after the weekend, but for the most part I like to believe it keeps me in check (most of the time) This past Mondays weigh in was after 3 weeks off and facing the scale was like an exercise out of an episode of Fear Factor or something... And the work out (WOD seen in pic above) went a little something like this:

Welcome Back to Torture
  • Weigh In
  • Stairs 16 flights up and down as many times as possible in 15 min (I was able to cap at 4 x's up and down) this was followed by a 2 min break
  • DLs (deadlifts) & Push Press - 15 x's each as many rounds as possible in 8 mins followed by a 2 min break 
  • Squats (20) Tuck Jumps (15) Pushup Row (10) 8 mins as many rounds as possible followed by a 2 min rest
  • Burpees 4 mins as many burpees as possible- DONE! 
Day Two: 
 I'm pretty sure day two kicked all of our As$es! Its a little difficult to see the deets of the WOD but the following is what made us sweat:

  • 100 Air Squats 
  • 50 OH Lunges (25 lb plate held over your head)
  • 50 DL's 
  • 50 Curls 
  • 50 Chest Press (lying on the mat with a 25 lb)
  • 50 Burpees 
  • 50 Bicycle Crunches 
  • Stairs (up and dwn 16 flights)
And then do it all again! In the words of one of my nearest and dearest... "Aggressive!" 
Day Three:   
Here were all are killing it wearing our ankle weights. This mornings workout was a circuit based on exercises that incorporated the use of ankle weights. We did a lot of jumping around and kicking our legs (as seen above) We stared off on the treadmill for a warm up, I was only able to get in a mile and a half (not used to wearing ankle weights and they were making my ankles itch... higher socks are a must!) Once warmed up we headed into the room and our hour plus circuit went like this (not sure if I'm referencing all the exercise we did by the correct name but for the most part you will get the idea): 
10 Stations- 1 min or so at each- remember we have ankle weights on:
  • Squat Jumps with 10 lb bar 
  • Sumo Squats upright Row with Kettle bell (i just know thay s*#% was heavy)
  • Mountain Climbers 
  • Alternating Front Kicks (think Rockettes)
  • Burpees 
  • Ab Roller of Death (as Adam calls it)
  • Step Up's w/ 15 or 17 lb weights
  • Jump Rope 
  • Hip Raises on the mat with the yoga block (squeezing the yoga block between your knees) 
  • Leg Extensions
Overall our first week of boot-camp was a success! Great energy great effort and awesome workouts! More to come next week!

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