Wednesday, August 15, 2012

10 ways to Celebrate Shark Week!

As the Summer Olympics commence another eventful week of festivities has begun… Its
motha effin Shark Week my friends!!! Yeeeee! Its the time of year again when those fierce monsters surface from the depths of the sea and swim straight into our homes invading our television screens! Thank you Discovery Channel… This year Shark Week just so happenes to be the celebrating its 25th anniversary! And what do you know, another reason to celebrate!!! You have a few more days of diving with these deadly sea animals so make sure to cozy up and and catch Shark Fight, Great White Highway or Shark Weeks 25 Best Bites! And we all know I swoon at the opportunity for a celebration so I have decided to splash you all with some honorary ideas on just how to successfully celebrate the remaining days of Shark Week and all of its 25th anniversary glory! Oh yeah, and how to i not include a little Jenna Marbels and her thoughts on this glorious event on all of its jawsomeness! i mean hello!

1.) Shark Week Drinking Game
(even though this is from 2011 lets assume same rules apply!)

2.) Jump on the Jaws Bandwagon with Shark Week Style!

Hollywood Life shows us just how to fashionably jump on the Jaws bandwagon!

3.) Shark Week BINGO!
4.) Polish on the Jaws Tips!

5.) Shark-a-fy Yourself!
Or better yet, someone else!
Obvi i didnt shak-afy myself... i did my little brother instead! Ha!

6.) Enjoy a Sea-Predator Inspired Libation
Using a friendly pool tool simply perched on the rim!

7.) Shark Koozie... Why the Jaws Not!?
If you opt for the beer rather than the cocktail you can still get down in Shark Week style.

8.) Top it off with a Fleece Shark Hat
Head over to ObeyMyBrain and score yourself this jawsome Shark Hat!

9.) Shark Fin Cupcakes
Oh Martha, youre so crafty!

10.) Turn Everything into a Land Shark!
And if you dont know how... just watch Ms Jenna Marbles... she will show you! And while youre at it check out her thoughts on Shar Week as well!

Jenna Marbles and her rant thoughts on Shark Week!
Happy Land Shark Week Y'all!

Also be sure to check out the Highlights from the last 25 years of Shark Week and them maybe play some Shark Week Trivia or even Shark-a-fy your face! i guessi have more than 10 ways to celebrate!

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