Tuesday, April 10, 2012

welcome back...

A brilliant woman once tweeted the following: Twitter makes me want to have a drink with people I don’t even know yet Facebook makes me want to throw a drink at those I do… Unfortunately this brilliant wasn’t me, but lets just say she took the words right out of my mouth! Not quite 40 days ago or so I made the decision to sacrifice something for lent, this decision was prompted by a profound moment of awakening {ok maybe not so profound, but a realization nonetheless} while i was sitting at my laptop, hungrily devouring everyone’s Facebook status updates, viciously liking this and that, a whole lot of judging and clicking links like a fiend. Dont even pretend you haven’t been there cause i know you have to some degree or another... I was on a facebook high. I have never been a Facebook over sharer or anything, but I’d certainly spent plenty of time checking it to find out what my Facebook Friends (contrast this with the smaller group of people I actually associate with on a regular basis) were up to. I mean that’s what Facebook is for anyways right… I stalk you, you stalk me, its fun!
Did you know that according to CNN you are a Facebook addict if you spend more than an hour a day perusing the site... believe it! Since going dark on Facebook for lent, I have had mixed feelings regarding my absence.
I don’t miss moments when I found myself questioning, What the hell happened to the last 10 minutes of my life? Ugh I can’t get those back can I? Ok, cool, I’ll be back in 45 minutes to check again… At first I did sort of miss the little blue and white “F” icon on my iPhone but relatively speaking I found little motivation overall to log on…
I anticipate I will reclaim this fascinating excuse to procrastinate, to goof off, waste time, and to maintain superficial relationships instead of taking the time to cultivate real ones – face to face- aka Facebook… most likely later tonight… but I have to admit, even for a casual Facebooker, letting go has been without a doubt liberating-
Im a little bummed about my go to app giving into the big blue face… but who can blame them?! Surprisingly I could keep going… and just might… we shall see… in the meantime, you can follow me @jbuggie depending on what FB decides to do with my favorite little photo-sharing app... this might be the next to go... Brace yourself for a newsfeed full of vintage-inspired snapshots You’re about to see the world through Instagram’s Lo-Fi filter. 

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