Friday, November 4, 2011

Facebook Pet Peeves... Yea, I've got a few!

{and to think if the "dislike" button really did exist...}
Just like all of you, I am admittedly a fan of Facebook. I think its a great way to connect with old friends, stay involved with those in your life you are miles away- just an overall convenient tool to stay involved in each others lives... nonetheless a few pet peeves exist! So if you just happened to be a FB pet peeve offender of any of the following acts, you just might end up my Facebook frenemy

1.) The Over Sharer
You know, the one who posts a picture telling you their every move! I mean come on! Do I really care that you just finished your morning coffee or that you just brushed your teeth. And then there are those of you who just need to freaking think before you post!  Some things are meant to stay personal. 

2.) The Passive Aggressive Status Updater
Really... Please, just stop- you know you want us all to know who/what you are talking about and being cryptic about it is just flat out annoying and not cute!

3.) The Sonogram Profile Pic
Ok- so don't get me wrong, I am a HUGE fan of babies. However, when you post your sonogram as your profile picture... ugh- so not a fan! Like I said some things are really meant to remain personal! Case and point- I can and will accept your 'ocasional' status update and congratulate you and move on, however the min you profile pic your sonogram- I'm done!

4.) The Comment Killer
This is that one person who no-fail is always the first to comment and just freakin' kills your status. They have something totally irrelevant and socially... off to say or just something Rude overall- the comment killer!

5.) The "Likes" Every Post Person
These peeps I like to refer to as chronic "like"rs they seem to "like" everything and comment on nothing! Seriously wtf! Then there is that 1 that "likes" Ev-ery-freakin' thing you do! Apparently this term has even made it into the UbD! Shaffering ... a term i will NEVER be using!

So if you would like to guarantee yourself a place on my FB frenenie list... commit the above! And i say all of this with a lot of L-O-V-E!

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