Wednesday, June 15, 2011

i believe its pronounced "still-ett-HO"

ok so with a little less than 48 hours until i land my A$$ in Vega$ baby, im must confess the trouble i continue to face on the shoe front aka my shoe hunt! after some some unsuccessful browsing which i did in Nordi's yesterday, i have yet another confession... i will let the picture speak for itself: 

(yesss indeedy! i tried these babies on)

here you have it... and did i mention the pickings were S-to-tha-Lim yo! they must have been for me to reach for these Steve Madden 'Moskow' Pumps which by the way i have officially renamed the mirrored "still-ett-HO." again, yes, you did hear me correctly i said mirrored... while most of you may know i am in no way lacking in the height department in any way whatsoever! so my my originally 5 foot ten self stepped into these sky-high peep toe satin pumps with their mirrored platform and stiletto heel, you can imagine how a felt "modeling" them around the nordstroms sales floor... like a complete 6'5'' joke! I mean damn GINA! cant a girl get a decent shoe around here...? and not one that i might see on Santa Monica blvd after sundown! there is no way you will ever catch me rockin' these "still-ett-HOs"

is it friiiiiiiiiiiidaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy yet?? 


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