Friday, June 10, 2011

boob job with a bow!

first off let me start of by saying "its friday friday gotta get down on friday," yes, you heard me correctly, i have just shamelessly belted a little rebecca black for all of you, yeeeeeeeeeeeeee! its freakin' friday! but on a serious tip here now! lets wrap it up and put a bow on it ladies! a boob job that is! do i even have to get into how insanely innapropriate this gift is... FOR A 7 year OLD! thats correct, 7-year-old Poppy, daughter of "human barbie" sarah burge has just recieved a $9,850 voucher for a flippin' boob job! Oy! need i say more... and i thought botox mom was bad... this is bringing bad parenting to a whole nother' level! lets wait to see if this is yet another hoax! wow!

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